We have over 15 years of practice in providing services to entrepreneurs.

What can we do for you?

  • draft, review and negotiate contracts
  • develop documentation standards related to the current activity of your company (including contract documentation and employee documentation), implement regulations, policies and procedures
  • draft and give opinions on contracts for construction works, including for the scope of general contracting, subcontracting contracts and investment process services
  • give opinions on internal legal acts, prepare drafts of resolutions and assemblies
  • prepare legal opinions, provide explanations and consultations on the application of the law
  • provide current information on current changes in legal regulations and interpret them
  • provide current information about changes in legal regulations and interpret them
  • conduct a legal audit and risk analysis
  • legal audit, risk analysis, including threats and claims addressed to company
  • develop and implement a personal data protection policy in a company, taking into account applicable regulations (including the GDPR), standards for the protection of confidential information and business secrets
  • participate in negotiations and mediations
  • we prepare pleadings, applications, lawsuits, complaints, lawsuits and appeals
  • represent before common and administrative courts, state administration bodies and offices

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